Some five centuries ago, legend holds, a caravan made its way south from the bustling metropolis of Waterdeep. As a long day of travel drew to a close, a wagon master sent his teenage son ahead to scout out a place for the wagons to cross the Shining River. The lad, named Tyndal, discovered a ford perfect for the wagons to cross, but in the dark he was waylaid by a band of lizardfolk. Armed only with an old dagger, he supposedly slew six of the creatures before aid arrived from the caravan and the raiders were driven off at last.

This remarkable story spread among the merchants of the caravan, then up and down the length of the Sword Coast. The crossing was called Dagger Ford, and as a town grew up on the banks of the river it took the same name, gradually combined into Daggerford. To this day, the dukes who govern Daggerford claim descent from brave Tyndal.

Daggerford is a small but important Sword Coast town within reasonable traveling distance of three very important cities: Neverwinter and Waterdeep to the north, and Baldur’s Gate to the south. In many ways, Daggerford is the quintessential rural town, complete with monster-infested hills, spooky forests, ruined castles and mansions, and forlorn swamps.

What draws people here midsummer however is its annual Festival. Every year around midsummer, the population of Daggerford swells as people come from up and down the Sword Coast to partake in the town’s annual festival of games. While merchants hawk their wares along crowded boulevards, crowds
gather to witness all manner of contests, from archery and tug-o’-wars to wrestling and pie eating.

At the Nameless Tavern, a less than popular inn sitting within the unfashionable backwoods hamlet of Bow Shot, a group of unlikely travellers shelter from the torrential rain which has earmarked this summer. Hopefully this won’t also put a damper on the Midsummer Festival, still some days off……

Once Upon A Time In the West.....

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