Elrin De Poe


Elrin is from a long line of De Poes, living in their ancient Manor not far from the village of Bow Shot. As the last of his line he is a somewhat solitary figure, renowned by the locals for his awful poetry: of course no one tells him this, as many of them are his tenants.

Some tragedy has befallen him, and the villagers are .shaking their heads over his depression over the death of his sister Elsinore. Clearly the young man needs to move on, and get himself a nice young wife.

Elrin is not harmless however: he lured a party of adventurers to his family mausoleum to supposedly help him with his awful dreams: he then locked them inside and watched while a series of undead family members tried to eat them. When they managed to escape he ran off and roused the villagers to ‘burn the evil witches’ who had engaged in foul necromancy at the expense of his poor dead relatives. Wisely, the survivors fled…….

Elrin however, is still a respected, if odd, member of the Bow Shot community.

Elrin De Poe

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